Reputation is a combination of how power players view you and the specific skills it took to get their attention as such.  Each dot of Reputation costs 3xp and requires doing something worth an increase in your reputation.  A dot of Reputation gives you:

  • Matched dice when Risking on a specific skill (noted by Risk Skill) equal to your total Reputation.  These extra dice do not increase your chance of dramatic failure from Risking.  For example, if a character has 2 dots in Killer and is Risking 1 on an Intimidation check, she would gain 2 dice total: the first as normal from Risking, and one extra from Killer Reputation.  If she were to Risk 3 on that same check, she would gain 5 dice: 3 as normal from Risking, and 2 due to Killer Reputation 2.
  • One unique ability corresponding to your Reputation, picked from a list of 5.  Each dot gives you another.

Killer: A reputation for those who put people in the ground.  Backgrounds/Professions: Soldier, Assassin, Gladiator.  Risk Skill: Intimidation

Commander: A reputation for those who are aspiring or accomplished leaders.  Backgrounds/Professions: Centurion, Noble, Gang Leader.  Risk Skill: Leadership.

Competitor: A reputation for those who have fashioned themselves into minor celebrities in gladiatorial, tournament, racing, duel, or other similar circles, and are good at playing to a crowd. Backgrounds/Professions: Gladiator, Chariot Racer, Duelist.  Risk Skill: Expression

Loremaster: A reputation for those who seek the truth of the past and exploit it as best they can in the present. Backgrounds/Professions: Academic, Archaeologist, Treasure Hunter. Risk Skill: Scholarship

Nobility: A reputation for those who are born into or clawed their way up to the upper class. Backgrounds/Professions: Noble Scion, Praetorian Guard, Merchant's Daughter. Risk Skill: Etiquette

Lowlife: A reputation for those who are most comfortable among "undesirable" company. Backgrounds/Professions: Fence, Thief, Smuggler, Grifter.  Risk Skill: Streetwise

Ranger: A reputation for those who understand and fear nature.  Backgrounds/Professions: Hunter, Farmer, Explorer.  Risk Skill: Survival

Merchant: A reputation for those who are well experienced with the accumulation, acquirement, and expenditure of wealth.  Backgrounds/Professions: Merchant, Mercenary, Noble.  Risk Skill: Negotiation


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