Reputation is a combination of how power players view you and the specific skills it took to get their attention as such.  A rank of Reputation gives you:

  • Matched dice when Risking on a specific skill (noted by Risk Skill) equal to your total Reputation.  These extra dice do not increase your chance of dramatic failure from Risking.  For example, if a character has 2 dots in Killer and is Risking 1 on an Intimidation check, she would gain 2 dice total: the first as normal from Risking, and one extra from Killer Reputation.  If she were to Risk 3 on that same check, she would gain 5 dice: 3 as normal from Risk, and 2 due to Killer Reputation 2.
  • Added bonus dice equal to rank when asking for Favors from specific kinds of people.
  • One unique ability corresponding to your Reputation, picked from a list of 5.  Every odd rank (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) gives you another.

A rank of reputation has a base cost of 10 experience.  Each rank of Reputation beyond character creation, even early ones, follows high advancement rules. 

Killer: A reputation for those who put people in the ground.  Backgrounds/Professions: Soldier, Assassin, Gladiator.  Risk Skill: Intimidation

Commander: A reputation for those who are aspiring or accomplished leaders.  Backgrounds/Professions: Centurion, Noble, Gang Leader.  Risk Skill: Leadership.

Competitor: A reputation for those who have fashioned themselves into minor celebrities in gladiatorial, tournament, racing, duel, or other similar circles, and are good at playing to a crowd. Backgrounds/Professions: Gladiator, Chariot Racer, Duelist.  Risk Skill: Expression

Loremaster: A reputation for those who seek the truth of the past and exploit it as best they can in the present. Backgrounds/Professions: Academic, Archaeologist, Treasure Hunter. Risk Skill: Scholarship

Nobility: A reputation for those who are born into or clawed their way up to the upper class. Backgrounds/Professions: Noble Scion, Praetorian Guard, Merchant's Daughter. Risk Skill: Etiquette

Lowlife: A reputation for those who are most comfortable among "undesirable" company. Backgrounds/Professions: Fence, Thief, Smuggler, Grifter.  Risk Skill: Streetwise

Ranger: A reputation for those who understand and fear nature.  Backgrounds/Professions: Hunter, Farmer, Explorer.  Risk Skill: Survival

Merchant: A reputation for those who are well experienced with the accumulation, acquirement, and expenditure of wealth.  Backgrounds/Professions: Merchant, Mercenary, Noble.  Risk Skill: Negotiation


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