Persuasion and Debate

Persuasion and Debate

Persuasion is the art of getting someone to do what you want – through negotiation, interrogation, making a convincing argument, or other means. The indirect form of this is Debate, which is a way to make others see you as socially better in some way – smarter, savvier, better informed, more capable.


The first part of Persuasion is to establish what you want to get out of a person or an organization. 

Asking for a favor

If you're asking an individual person who isn't a representative of a faction – or if you're asking them as a person as opposed to as a representative – you may ask them for anything that's reasonably within their means to accomplish.  The GM should determine to what extent the individual understands the end result of the favor and its impact on them or their personal goals. 

If asking a faction representative, you may ask for any of the above.  The GM determines what kind of favor this is (use faction attributes as a guide), to what degree you're asking it (what rank of attribute would be required), and what strain that would put on the faction (

Persuasion and Debate

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