Adranos is the now-smallest, but oldest, of the three houses. House Adranos claims to have direct lineage from the great Empire, as its leader, Lord Horatius, is a descendant of a long-forgotten emperor’s brother. They hold Tantum in full and have influence on Exiti.

House Adranos’s primary goal is to regain the vestiges of direct imperial power: more than anything, Horatius wants the Vanguard, the Legion Arcanum, and the Ecclesia backing them, as well as any artifacts or structures that could be repurposed for the greater glory of the reborn empire that could be.

Adranos is shrinking in power, though slowly, due to recent events. They’re prepared to fight tooth and nail to push back against Laenas, keep Exiti, and make headway towards re-establishing Empire.


Varro was the house assigned to the task of overseeing the imperial academy. In the great fall of the Empire, they lost much of their knowledge of the True Magic, and hold onto whatever fractions of it they remember zealously and in many cases religiously. Lord Corbulo is a devout attendant of the Ecclesia, though they might vary in their regard of him in return. Varro holds Altumschola and Gratius’s Pass, as well as exerting influence on Compitum.

House Varro’s primary goal is to regain the knowledge lost over the years and their religious mandate. To do this, they would require the backing of the Legion Arcanum and the Ecclesia, as well as some major breakthroughs with regards to artifact discovery or repurposing.

Varro recently took Compitum by hamstringing House Laenas’s economic hold over the region, weakening Vanguard in the process. In ceding Vanguard and Laenas holdings, they gave the Ecclesium more power, strengthening the relationship between the Ecclesium and them – a little too much, by some standards.


Laenas was a house created after the fall of the Empire, and as such is the youngest of the three, but holds major influence in that they hold Cathair and have influence on Exiti and Compitum. They would have significantly more influence were they not torn apart by infighting; the less-defined lineage of their house makes it hard for them to exert themselves in a unified fashion without various nobles backstabbing anyone who steps out of line, much to their ambitious leader Lord Gaius’s chagrin.

House Laenas’s primary goals are to stop the infighting tearing their house apart and to get the Commercium backing them wholly (and withdrawing from the other two houses, except as embassies) to dominate the region economically. They’re interested in looking forward and less so looking back.

Laenas is weaker now, and its rulership was very tenuous before Compitum fell. After it fell, Lord Gaius was almost deposed, until he made a desperate partnership with Vanguard. Vanguard now exists in sole partnership with Laenas, but it’s an uneasy alliance – they’re very clearly a major power behind Gaius’s leadership, a fact resented by those who sought to overthrow him in the first place.


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