Current Status


Current Beats/Counters—

Tiberius – 0/1
Gavius – 4/1
Titus – 2/1
Priscilla – 1/1
Carius – 1/1

Party Current Stuff

  • Cash from gladiator murder (•)
  • Helmet

In progress

Stuff on the docket right now

  • The Legio Arcanum has referred you as potential bodyguards on an expedition into some southwestern ruins, which are reported to be very dangerous – they’re willing to share findings with Varro if you and a contubernium accompany them. Do so, and stay safe.
  • It’s still unclear what the status of Cathair is, and who is truly in control. Find proof as to Lord Gaius’ status.
  • There’s an unspecified request for aid at Gratius’ pass. Normally it’s pretty quiet but anything compromising there could potentially be very worrysome given the proximity. Meet with the governor and help him with whatever he wishes.


  • Rumor has it that there’s a tribune who’s taking bribes. Investigate, get proof if it exists, and make an arrest. Make sure you go through legal channels – sacrosanctity won’t get revoked without proof, not even for praetors. Resolution: the praetors found evidence that the tribune in question was being set up for removal by a senator. Gavius was appointed Quaestor in no small part to keep an eye on similar activity in the future. The Commercium was distinctly unhappy with the torture of one of their own as part of the investigation.
  • There’s a growing problem with some kind of elusive cult among the Ecclesia in Altumschola. They have requested aid in rooting it out. Completed: Titus and Carius were inducted into The Opened Way as part of their investigation. The cult’s equipment was rounded up, and they were scattered.
  • Our Cathair branch’s last report requested backup, which we will provide in the form of an artifact. We need a group to deliver this covertly to the team in question. Resolution: The praetors made their way to Cathair and delivered, planted, and extracted the artifact in question, which was proported to make Lord Gaius act irrationally. It did so very well, but prompted a Vanguard takeover for his “protection” – whether Gaius remained alive is unclear. The party escaped through the sewers and made their way north to Tutellum, where they convinced the Legio Arcanum to lend them a boat home. On the way home they encountered a once-buried containment cell, where they defeated a demon set to ward the area and uncovered hidden knowledge of Biomimicry.
  • Gavius found evidence of corruption in the Senate – make sure the corrupt senator faces justice. Resolution: The praetors found evidence and Gavius presented it in the senate.
  • Legio Arcanum has requested our assistance with the matter of one of its ex-members going rogue in the Altumschola area – apparently there’s some internal political reason but they need our help as opposed to addressing it themselves. Go talk to the contact in question. Resolution: The praetors managed to find Arcanus Virius and 4/5 of the initiates he was assigned, detain them, and return them (and his notes) to the Legio Arcanum. Legio Arcanum leadership is willing to instruct praetors in initiate rituals as a result.

Otherwise Resolved

  • A handful of ex-Vanguard went rogue instead of heading home with the rest when Vanguard abandoned Altumschola and are camped out in the forest somewhere to the southwest, apparently waylaying passersby. Address them in some fashion. Resolution: The Vanguard disappeared seemingly overnight. Their tracks head west to Cathair.
  • A Laenas noble has requested aid and sanctuary from Cathair. Make contact with him in Compitum – we’re not sure what his angle is but we need him taken to a secure area in Altumschola quickly. Resolution: Another praetor was sent to address this.

Current Status

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