Any time your character participates in a violent or traumatic scene, or any time your character would face a breaking point, make a breaking point check:

Failure: Take a counter and gain the Guilty, Shaken, or Spooked condition.
Success: Take a counter and gain a beat.
Exceptional Success: Gain a beat.

Once the counters reach the number of unfilled Integrity dots on your sheet, remove them and remove an Integrity dot. These counters also count as a penalty to Empathy, Socialize, and any other rolls reflecting your character’s ability to relate to other people. When the counters go away with the loss of an Integrity dot, this doesn’t necessarily mean the character is stable or no longer burdened, just that she’s reached a new plateau of sorts, and is temporarily able to approach situations with a renewed confidence.

These counters reflect the weight on your character’s psyche and soul. They tug at her, and pull her away from her life and stability. At any time, the number of counters in your possession acts as a penalty to Empathy, Socialize, and any other rolls reflecting your character’s ability to relate to other people. These Integrity counters subtract on a 1-for-1 basis.

Regaining Integrity through this system should be done through a reverse system: Meaningful, positive interactions that reaffirm a person’s sense of self and belonging (this can be an alternate thing to regaining all willpower for fulfilling a virtue) should be able to shed a counter. Once all counters are gone, another such interaction can potentially bring a dot of Integrity. When the interaction occurs, make a breaking point roll. Failure brings back half the necessary counters for Integrity loss (round up). Success adds a dot of Integrity, and returns one counter short of losing that dot. For example, going from five dots to six would return three counters, since four would cost the sixth Integrity dot.


Choke It Down (•)

Prerequisites: Composure + Resolve 5 or higher
Effect: Instead of comparing your character’s unfilled Integrity dots for the purpose of Integrity loss, you can instead compare Integrity counters to your character’s combined Resolve + Composure dots.

Smile Through It (•)

Prerequisites: Composure + Resolve of 5 or higher
Effect: During any scene where your character would suffer a penalty from Integrity counters, she can grin, bear it, and force relatively normal interactions. Take the Shaken, Spooked, or Guilty Condition (or another Condition agreed upon with your Storyteller) to ignore the penalties for Integrity counters for a scene.


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